Buttercream Rainbow Sprinkle Swirl Cake

Buttercream Rainbow Sprinkle Swirl Cake

Buttercream Rainbow Sprinkle Swirl Cake

I have been longing to show you all the pictures of my recent creation. The idea of creating this cake was purely inspired by the I am baker blogger, Amanda. My partner invited friends over for dinner and I nagged him to let me whipped up a dessert for his guests. Guess what, he did let me and here is my buttercream rainbow sprinkle swirl cake.

I made and followed the instructions on how to homemade rainbow sprinkles according to I am baker. After I saw the creation, I found myself whipping up this recipe in the middle of the night after work, as I was up for the challenge. I coloured the icing, poured each mixture into a ziplock bag, cut a tiny hole at one of the corner and start piping lots of dots onto non-stick baking paper. The good thing about making your own rainbow sprinkles is that you can control the size of the sprinkles according to your needs.

For the cake, I made 2 layers yellow moist cake, recipe adapted from Bakerella. I must say that the sugar syrup spray trick really worked. Nevertheless, the cake itself was so yummy and moist without sugar syrup spray, just as good as my mother’s recipe, just less eggs. I have been longing to create a moist cake like mother’s one but using less eggs and I have finally found it, YAY!!!

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I used my favourite buttercream icing recipe to ice the cake to a smooth finish. It was scrumptious. The cake itself was pretty sweet, perhaps next time I will reduce the amount of sugar in the cake mixture if I want to use buttercream icing. Putting the sprinkles on the iced cake was quite time consuming but, looking at the final result, I am very happy and satisfied about it, don’t you agree? I love the final presentation and hopefully it will WOW my partner’s guests. Any leftovers, I will share them with my friends, who can say no to a beautiful moist cake? Frankly speaking, I couldn’t.


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