Two toned Hydrangea Cupcakes


Have I mentioned that I feel something is missing inside me if I have not spent time in the kitchen playing with sugar at least once a week? I am just so curious and love trying new things every day. It’s a shame I do not have the time to do it daily. I am enamored by my baking adventures right now (whatiswrongwithme?) and just cannot wait to share them with you every week. I have so many creations that I am eager to share immediately, but I have to wait patiently. Watch here as many things will be posted in the name of baking.

This week, I found myself again in the kitchen immediately after work, attempting two toned hydrangea cupcakes. For the cupcakes I used my vanilla cupcake recipe and divide it into two batches. I coloured one of the batches with purple colouring, leaving the other batch uncoloured. Initially I wanted to make purple ombre cupcakes but I changed my mind as I wanted to whip up something easy and quick. I tried to only half filled the cupcake cases, to ensure my cupcakes have sufficient room to rise comfortably, not over spilling over the side. This always happen even when filling them up just 3/4 full *sadface*. It is fine but they usually rise higher than I expect. I do not want them to spill over the cases.

Group of Hydrangea Cupcakes on glass cake stand

Group of Hydrangea Cupcakes on glass cake stand

I used my favourite buttercream icing and coloured 2/3 of the icing in blue and 1/3 in purple to create hydrangea flowers. I filled the prepared piping bag with blue on one side and purple on the other side. The piping is very simple, easy and quick. There is no right or wrong about the piping; I just go around each cupcake and, if I was not happy with some of the flowers, I always go back and pipe more on the top of it. Once I covered each cupcake with the flowers, I stepped back for a minute, making sure the flowers are nice and balanced.

There is another hydrangea piping technique by I am baker that I wanted to show you. I have attempted the work before which required more work n skill. But I will give it another go on cupcakes instead. For now, I am enjoying the final result my two toned hydrangea cupcakes, let me know if you are too!!! šŸ™‚

Hydrangea Cupcake Cutout

Hydrangea Cupcake Cutout


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