Perfect Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

As I was reading my recipe book, I was thinking of making perfect dark chocolate cupcakes that will melt in your mouth for every bite. For me, that perfect cupcake has to be moist, rich in chocolate flavour and aerated while accompanied by light and fluffy icing. I found a delectable dark chocolate cupcakes recipe by call me cupcakes when I was searching for father’s day cake idea.

I am absolutely smitten by the pictures of the cupcakes and just could not wait any longer to try them. I was craving to have one too!!! This may sound silly, but the pictures were so tempting and I was about to lick my computer screen *drooling*. I should have been running a few errands after work today but instead, I found myself again and again, busy in the kitchen whipping up some cupcakes. Life is too short, bake cupcakes first.

I tweaked the recipe as it called for espresso but I replaced it with milk instead. I am just looking for the rich and dark chocolate flavour. As recommended by bloggers and bakers, we should always check the cupcakes 5 minutes before the recommended cooking time to avoid overbaking which will dry the cupcakes. I removed my cupcakes from the oven at 13 minutes mark and they were just perfect and spring back when touched.

I decorated my cupcakes with a delectable dark chocolate buttercream icing. They look amazing with a nice buttercream swirl. I decided to be creative with the decoration: sprinkled the top with 100’s and 1000’s, placed fondant flower cutouts on top and added rainbow rice sprinkle, just to give them a bit of colour. If you feel like it, insert a bite size Cadbury chocolate flake on the side, like I did. I think it would be lovely if you just pipe a nice buttercream swirl and drizzled them with chocolate sauce on the top. I will call them “triple dark chocolate cupcakes”, and I will try this next.

I made these cupcakes for my friend. She requested dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes. I made a homemade raspberry jam to fill some of the cupcakes. Just feeling creative, I whipped up a raspberry cream as well to fill the remaining cupcakes, just to try it for a different tasting experience. I made extra cupcakes, so I have a chance to taste them as well. The cupcakes were absolutely amazing and just tasted like the one that I would have imagined, melted in my mouth *superdelish*. My partner said it is the best cupcake that I have made yet. I am absolutely over the moon. Mission accomplished.


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