Red Velvet Rosette Cake

Red Velvet Rosette Cake

Red Velvet Rosette Cake

When my partner decided to invite his friends over for a get together, I made a commitment to myself to create one unique piece that will defintely impress his guests. This cake was my first official cake decoration that I presented to the public before I published my first blog post. Again I watched plenty of youtube videos before attempting the rosette piping. I have attempted the rosette piping previously, however, it did not turn out as I would expected, due to incorrect piping tip that I used for the previous attempt.

Most bakers pair red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I did it differently, however, as my red velvet cake was frosted with buttercream frosting because I was looking for a stiffer frosting. It was a lovely combination and my guests were enjoying the cake on the day. The frosting was left uncoloured, it was the right decision as I wanted the red colour from the cake to stand out, allowing the diners to adore the beautiful red colour as well as the rosette. I must say rosette piping was easy, you just have to hold your piping bag firmly and keep piping, overlapped slightly on each rosette to close the gap in between.

Slice of Red Velvet Rosette

Slice of Red Velvet Rosette

Red velvet cake with rosette piping will never go wrong for any type of occasion: birthdays, bridal showers, afternoon tea parties or even weddings. People will definitely indulge in the chocolatey taste and velvety texture. My next mission is to come up with a different creation, but this time, at least my blog is complete with a red velvet cake post. I had a black velvet cupcake before and I absolutely loved it. My friend sent me a picture of blue velvet cake as well, and I am very eager to create the black velvet cake or perhaps combination of colours? Stay tuned!


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