Rainbow Cupcakes with Flowers

Remember my seven layers rainbow cake? I am so absolutely obsessed with rainbow cake that I intend to turn it into lovely cupcakes. I just use my favourite vanilla cupcakes recipe, divide the mixture evenly into seven batches and colour them accordingly. I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong- it was not as easy as I would have imagined.

You have to make sure that you add a thin layer of each colour, not over filling the cases. Remember that we are only allowed to fill the cases up to 2/3 full? Then I was in a deep trouble, how am I going to fill in seven layers? I ended up filled them 3/4 full because I had no choice and my cases were smaller than the one I normally use *sigh*. They turned our great, raised well. quite high actually, so YES I was pretty happy 😀

Adding the layers into the cupcake cases were certainly most challenging job ever. I thought I could just use teaspoon, put each layer in and flatten the layer using the back of the spoon. Sounds simple right? Wait a second! It was not going as planned, it was way more difficult than I thought. It took a fair bit of time to fill the cupcakes using this method. Later on i figured out that I could have filled the colour mixtures into individual piping bag with flat piping tip or slit the end of disposable piping bag if using. Half way through, I changed tactics and ended up using the second method, the piping bag, which was more efficient and effective. Secret: it was a success, you can control the thickness of the layer better using second method.

Frosting was definitely the most fun part, I only used tip 103 to pipe the flowers and tip 18 for the baby rosette. There is no secret to decorating the cupcakes, you just have to follow your instinct, go around and have fun with it. My advice is to sacrifice one cupcake for a trial or else you can also try your design on a rose nail attached with a parchment paper. You will be amazed and proud with what you can come out with.


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