Nutella Ruffle Cake

Full of hazelnut chocolate goodness, the Nutella Ruffle cake has three layers and requires time and skill to pipe the ruffles.

Have I told you how much I adore the creative blogger, Amanda from I have always wanted to make her famous ruffle cake so I decided to attempt it. I made this cake for a house warming party; unfortunately it was for my partner’s family friend and I did not attend, therefore I have no picture of the cut out. The worst thing was, I did not have a chance to taste it as well.

I love nutella, I am crazy about nutella actually, a little chocolate hazelnut spread that has its own beauty and character. The cake itself was a three layer chocolate cake and I mixed some nutella into the batter so that it would have the nutella taste. I also made nutella buttercream frosting to frost the entire cake. I started by spreading a thin layer of nutella on each layer of cake before adding a generous layer of frosting on the top. I then crumb coated the whole cake. It is not necessary to do a perfect crumb coating as I planned to pipe the ruffle around it.

I used Wilton tip number 103, which is a small tip. With the piping bag facing out towards me, I began and started piping from bottom to the top. I did struggle a little bit towards the end as my frosting was too stiff, with not enough milk. I should have adjusted the consistency at the start but I still could not figure out why I did not do it and ended up with a sore, numb hand instead. I got pretty grumpy towards the end as some of the columns kept falling off and I had to re-pipe them again. I made a mistake though as I should have sprinkled the crushed hazelnut on the top of the cake first before I finished the ruffle piping. The pieces of the hazelnut have fallen into the side of the cake causing the ruffle columns to become loose and topple down. I had to manipulate it by pushing it towards the wall of the cake using a mini spatula. After 2 hours of work, I managed to keep the entire cake with the ruffle intact until the next day. It was not the prettiest ruffle cake ever but I enjoyed making it, it was quite satisfying and challenging. I believe practice does make perfect.

My partner told me couple of the columns fell off when he arrived at the party. He had a chance to taste the cake and it was pretty sweet, perhaps overly sweet. I felt terrible though; thought I would have overkill the taste by putting too much nutella, it was all about nutella. I have not tasted myself but I met the host on Christmas party and she told me that she had few slices and absolutely loved it. I cannot make an absolute judgement, however I will make a chocolate cake with nutella frosting instead.

Do you have a challenging cake project? Do share by commenting below.


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