Summer Berries Tart

A delicious summer tart that uses only fresh ingredients- and requires no baking!

The other day, I was looking for an iPad app that would allow me to watch TV series on my iPad. I am very annoyed that the iPad does not support Adobe Flash Player because most of websites require the viewers to have Flash Player on their device to watch the streaming shows. I am just very disappointed that I could not catch up with my many of my favourite TV series using my ipad. I Googled the most recommended apps that allows viewers to watch streaming TV shows within the limited iPad capability. I came to download an ABC app and, guess what, I can see Nigella Lawson’s cooking show.

She is such a talented woman and she makes plenty of beautiful dishes. One of the dishes that she made was her Summer Berries Tart. It looked magnificent and I could not resist; I had to make one as soon as I could manage. I thought about it for few days and I finally come across how to make one myself. It was such an easy dessert and no cooking is required. You only need food processor, varieties of berries, McVities biscuits, butter, lemon curd and cream cheese. You can buy premium quality lemon curd from the shops or you can make one yourself… it just happened that I had some in my fridge, yay!

This is such an inexpensive dessert during summer when all the berries are in season. This tart is perfect for any occassion such as Christmas, dinner parties or even just to treat yourself.

The tart is so delish that I could not stop eating it. The berries are so sweet, make sure you use fresh berries, not frozen ones. Frozen berries are not as sweet and the colour will dilute as you place them on the cream cheese mixture. For frozen berries, the running colour won’t be pretty and the taste will be different as well. Blackberries and raspberry can be costly, usually $8 per punnet in Melbourne, but you just have to wait until they are on special or just use the cheaper berries instead. You can buy blackberries from fine food market. I do not know where to source red currant in Australia but you can just omit it or substitute with pomegranate seeds instead as it is much easier to find pomegranate than red currant.

1 box of plain digestive biscuits
90 grams of unsalted butter, room temperature
250 grams cream cheese, room temperature
1 cup of lemon curd
1 punnet of strawberry
1 punnet of blueberry
1 punnet of blackberries
1 punnet of red currant or 1 whole promegranate (seeds only)

Using a food processor, process the biscuits and butter until sandy and press into the bottom and sides of fluted tart pan. I am using 9 inch pan for this tart. After that, freeze it for 15 minutes or until sets.

In a clean bowl, whisk the cream cheese and the lemon curd together until mix well. Pour into the chilled tart pan and spread evenly. Arrange the berries on the top, starting with unhulled strawberries first, the fill in the gaps using other types of berries. Be gentle, not to press down the fruits too much otherwise they will sink as the tart sets. Refrigerate the tart at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Remove from the tart tin to serve.

Do you have a story of a sweet summery treat to share? If so, please leave a comment below.


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