Apple and Raspberry Almond meal cake

Every time I bake, I have always brought some of my cooking to my office to share with my colleagues. I recently discovered one of my colleagues is lactose intolerant.  I believe there are plenty of people out there who are looking for cakes that fit their dietary requirements. In the recent times, kosher ingredients, gluten free ingredients, lactose free milk, etc are readily accessible at many grocery stores.

My colleague’s dietary challenges have made me think about creating something for those who have dietary constraints. It happened that I have a packet of almond meal that has been sitting in my pantry for quite a while now. I made almond meal cake with raspberry, topped with thinly sliced apple. This cake is dedicated for those who can only eat gluten free meals.

I have baked this cake for couple of times now and it has not failed me yet. I tried the mixture with diced pear and baked in cupcake cases. This time it is about raspberries and apple. I must say raspberry goes so well with the almond meal. I think it is the best combination yet. They are just so beautiful, moist and delish – the recipe was found and  adapted from Most recipes will ask for flour but I just substitute the flour with more almond meal. I can guarantee the result is just amazing. My colleagues absolutely loved it.


Satisfaction is guaranteed 🙂


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