Green Tea Cupcakes with Red Bean

For something a little different, try this recipe with a distinctly oriental taste.

A good friend of mine has been supporting me to pursue my baking hobby. Part of the development program, I encourage my friend to tell me her favourite flavours, so I can come up with a new creation that I have never created before. I just love the challenge and I like to create something that the person would definitely love.

The other day, my friend asked me to create green tea cupcakes because she has not seen it being sold at the cupcakes shop. I guess matcha (Japanese green tea) is generally popular in Asian country. I personally like green tea but the taste of Japanese green tea can be quite overwhelming to others. I must say, either you like it or you hate it. If you like Japanese green tea or the green tea frappucino from Starbucks coffee shop, then you will definitely like these cupcakes.

This time I used Korean green tea powder instead of Japanese version. My friend gave it to me and asked me to use it for my first attempt. The colour itself is not leaf green but it works well, slightly yellowish but not too bad for the first attempt. I used magnolia cupcakes recipe and I was pretty disappointed as the cupcakes were a bit dry. I baked lots of cakes and cupcakes recently and I could tell straight away from the look of these green tea cupcakes as soon as they came out from the oven. I watched the baking time very closely, only baking the cupcakes approximately 13 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, and definitely did not overbake at all. As this the first attempt, I have no regret at all. I continue to finish my creation, filling the cupcakes with redbean paste that I bought from Asian grocery store. I used green tea cream cheese to frost the cupcakes and topped with strawberry. Unfortunately the frosting did not go well with these cupcakes. Perhaps I should twist the recipe a little bit. As cream cheese frosting is generally much softer than buttercream, adding strawberry slices on top is not the best idea ever, although they look pretty.

Overall, the taste of the cupcakes was nice, but could be better. There are lessons to learn from baking these cupcakes. I will use my own moist cupcakes recipe instead. My friend has passed me a Japanese green tea powder and she thinks this green tea powder will be much greener than Korean version. She has requested a new batch of green tea cupcakes with different frosting. Feedback is noted down and I am ready to share my next batch with you 🙂

Have you made cupcakes with interesting ingredients before? If so, please share using the comments box below.


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