Pink and Purple Mini Ombre Lemon Cake

As my friend is inviting me and my partner over for a party, I have decided to bake a cake as a little gift. I have no idea whether my partner agrees with my decision but I will still go ahead with it. I know usually people will like a whole decorated cake but I want to bring something different and a little more subtle, unusual and original. I have my eye on Glorious Treats Purple Mini Ombre Cakes for a while and finally I have a chance to experiment it *overly excited*. I could have done 4 layers like Glorious Treats did but I am happy with three layers to start with.

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I think yellow goes well with purple, therefore I decided to make a lemon cake, tinting each layer with different food colouring and finally making yellow lemon cream cheese frosting. To ensure that each layer was even, I divided them into three individual bowls, weighed them and the coloured them accordingly before pouring them into the prepared baking tins. I tapped the pans on the table before putting them into the oven, making sure the mixture was level, so I could have leveled cakes.

Once the cakes were baked and cooled, I used a round and deep cookie cutter to cut each cake. For an 8-inch pan, I managed to get seven cutouts. After cutting the cakes, I prepared the pipping bag for assembling by fitting the bag with the rosette tip then I filled the bag with lemon cream cheese frosting. To assemble, I scooped a spoonful of icing on the top of first layer of cake, then top with another cake, move the cake around to make sure each layer was secure, and then piped a rosette on the top using the prepared pipping bag.

I noticed that cream cheese frosting is usually softer than buttercream, therefore it is a little bit difficult to hold the shape of the rosette. I could have added more icing sugar to make the icing stiffer but I was wary of making the mixture too sweet. I think I will stick with buttercream instead next time. Not only you will get a beautiful rosette, but it will also taste delish.


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