Lemon Yellow Cake

This cake did not go so well because I forgot to put eggs into it.

I felt like making a cake.  It had to be a yellow one and it had to be a lemon cake. With the decoration, I thought about incorporating cream cheese icing with marshmallow fondant. This cake, sadly, was not a success because I failed to put eggs into my batter.  I only realized this when it was already cooking in the oven.

When I had this realization, I had already made it and I could not stop as my icing was ready and I was cutting the heart shape fondant cutouts. I decided to continue with my experiment although the cake would probably end up in the bin. The cake did not rise properly, it was pretty fragile but cooked all the way through. It was much sweeter than I would have imagined.

I have mentioned before that I have problem working with cream cheese icing. It always turns out overly sweet and not stiff at all. What is the problem? I certainly do not know and am still figuring out the answer. I think the only time I succeeded with the cream cheese frosting was the time I made my rainbow cake. I strongly suspect that the warm weather is not good for cream cheese frosting. It is way too hot in Melbourne at the moment and I do not have any air conditioning in the house. I can barely survive the stifling heat, therefore I can imagine why my cake did not.

Back to the cake, I am very embarrassed to share this cake with you; the decoration was horrible, the entire cake should have been covered in fondant instead for a better look. Well, this is part of learning process and “nothing ventured nothing gained” as my boyfriend would say. The cake tasted alright without the eggs, no one would notice if you did not tell. Pardon my horrible cake; the reason I shared this is because I want you to follow the recipe thoroughly and always measure all ingredients first, have them available on your cooking bench before start making a cake. Learn from my mistakes.

Happy Baking!

Have you ever made a cake that did not go to plan? Please share in the comments below!



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