Cupcakes decorating class

I went to a cupcake baking class I bought from Cudo and took instruction on Fondent.

These days there are so many deals on the Internet to help people promote their business in Melbourne, with twenty-four-hour deals on countdown on sites such as Scoupon, Catch-of-the-day and Cudo. I bought a voucher from Cudo to attend a cupcake decorating class at Malvern. I thought it was really close to where I live and I decided to go ahead as it was inexpensive. It took me 2 months before I got a chance to attend the class as it was booked on October 2012.

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I have been making my own cupcakes, figuring mistakes from my own experience and I thought it would be great to learn instead from a professional baker. It was a two-and-a-half hour class but it did not feel that long. The lady was pretty friendly and she showed us how to make red velvet cupcakes first. There were a few ladies in the class, perhaps in their late 50’s and they were complaining the fact that we did not get a chance to make our own cupcakes. They must have misread the term and conditions when purchasing the voucher. I was pretty annoyed to hear them complaining for the entire evening. Our teacher was very professional and she took the complaints well although I could see she was speeding up to finish the class.

There were a few tricks that I learnt from attending the class. You can pretty much decorate the cupcakes in any way you wanted if you have the right tools, such as chocolate mould, fondant cutters, etc. The lips were made from melted white chocolate sprinkled with edible glitter. Others decoration used fondant and edible glue to stick letters on the top. Fondant is readily available in any cake shop; it is a sugarpaste that allows us to create edible figurines, flowers, etc. I personally dislike the taste of fondant but cannot deny how great it is in cake decoration as the shapes and precision it can make is quite spectacular. Almost every single decorator that I know use fondant heavily to make their cakes look gorgeous.

The baker was trying to sell us the products that they use in the shop such as cake flour, vegetable shortening and varieties of mould that were used in the class early. Sadly, I did not see anyone buying as the students were asking if we can source those ingredients from somewhere else because this specialty shop us charging more money that supermarket or homeware shops that sell baking supplies. We were going home with six own-decorated cupcakes and for two–and-a-half hours of lessons, and I did learn something new.

Have you been to any good baking classes? If so, please do share below.


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