Red and Black Velvet Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes on Christmas Day to share with my colleagues…

I cannot believe that Christmas is now over. Unlike the previous year, I had to work on Christmas day and I have been running around like crazy, trying to find presents for friends and family. I planned to bake few things to share with my colleague. I ran out of time, however. I went to cupcake decorating class few months ago and they gave me a quick and simple red velvet cupcake recipe.

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I decided to get up early on Christmas Eve and baked two dozens of cupcakes, red and black velvet. I am dying to make black velvet as the colour is just so dark and sexy as you presented it in a little cupcake case. As I said before, it is a quick recipe therefore it only took me 45 mins to bake these cupcakes, including preparation and cleaning. I iced and decorated my cupcakes in the evening as I had to work early on Christmas day.

I know everyone loves red velvet cupcakes. It is bright in colour cake with moist and lovely texture. I must say every mouthful is luxury; you can taste the delicate chocolate flavour in the cake. It is not necessary for it to be red in colour, as you can use almost every colour but bright and appealing colours would be good as our eyes are attracted to these colours. With one simple recipe, you can be creative and create different coloured cake, like I did, the Black Velvet Cupcakes

According to my observations, bakers always decorate these cupcakes with cream cheese frosting although it is not my favourite recipe. I decorated red velvet cake in buttercream before and I believe it tasted magnificent. On the top of that, my guests loved them too. This time, I followed the recipe, created a cream cheese icing to frost the cupcakes. I have made some shortbread cookies cut into a flower shape, which in fact I should have cut them in star shape; however I lost my star cookie cutters and I could not find them until today. I piped a little bit of icing on the top of red velvet cupcakes, topped them with the flower-shaped shortbread. On the other hand, I just frosted the black velvet cupakes like usual and threw some colourful chocolate chips on top to create Christmas tree effect.

I managed to put big smiles on the faces of my colleagues who were working on Christmas day. Two of general managers, one who managed a hotel, came by and they were very impressed with my work. One of them took pictures of my cupcakes to show his staff and I convinced him to taste it. I am over the moon; it was such a great Christmas and I intend to continue baking recipes like this, to collect the smiles of people.

Aren’t my colleagues lucky? Did any of your colleagues bring baked goods to the office to share?


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